Adopt or Foster


How to Adopt or Foster


Do you like pugs and would like one in your life? If you would like to add a pug or pug mix to your household and you live in Northern California or Northwestern Nevada, please click here

Be sure to read the information about the adoption process before submitting your application so you understand what to expect. 

Foster Homes 
PugSavers is always looking for foster homes to care for pug and pug mixes in need before they go on to their "forever home". PugSavers pays for all of the medical expenses, you provide the food, care and love. Many times this is the first time a rescue dog has ever been in a loving home and the experience can be incredibly rewarding. In the event a foster home falls in love with the dog, they will almost always be given the first option of adopting. Please click here to download a foster application. 

Hospice Homes
Very special people are also needed to act as Hospice Homes. Older pugs and mixes other dogs who are unadoptable because of extreme medical needs and an anticipated short lifespan are placed in these homes to live out the rest of their days in a loving environment. PugSavers pays for all medical care while the hospice home treats the dog as if it were their own, until the time comes when the dog goes to the "Rainbow Bridge". If you are interested in being a hospice home, please fill out a foster application and write "Hospice" on the top.